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Helping Addiction Survivors in Becoming Productive Employees

Recovery Programs 

Let Evergreen Family Oriented Tree, Inc. in New Haven, Connecticut guide you throughout your journey in battling addiction or homelessness or coping with life after incarceration. We offer various recovery programs, which include:

  • Faith-Based Recovery-Oriented
  • Case Management
  • Celebrating Recovery NA/AA 
  • On-Site Therapy 
  • Peer Support
  • Community Center: Employment Specialist, GED
  •  Access Health Insurance/ Food Stamps Activation,
  • Notary Services
  • Vita Tax Assistance 
  • Sober Living Housing
  • Reentry Advocacy

What People Say 

We are committed to helping people who are struggling with addiction in overcoming alcohol or drug abuse and guiding returning citizens and homeless individuals in reentering society. That is why we do our best to understand participants and design programs for them that address their needs. To learn more about how our organization has helped them, read their testimonials below.

Coming Soon

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